Sunday 21 December 2008

Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) demands demographic answers on “How Jewish is Hollywood”!

In his latest indentured article on the font of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciation, the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) blog, legally sane BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) has posted this demanding conundrum: “How Jewish is Hollywood?” (Merry Xmas Melanie Phillips, 20 December 2008).

Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) is well known for the asking the tough questions of the day. And, by God does his question demand an answer. And, we think that we may have the answer. Originally we planned to consult the National Office of Statistics, but instead we found this Wikipedia stub on the demographics of Hollywood:

As of the 2000 census, there were 210,777 people residing in the Community Plan Area of Hollywood. The population density was 8,443 people per square mile (3,261/km²). The racial makeup of the community was 59.84% White (47.27% White Non-Hispanic), 9.44% Asian, 0.13% Pacific Islander, 4.28% African American, 0.62% Native American, 19.10% from other races, and 6.59% from two or more races. 34.51% of the population were Hispanic of any race. 49.63% of the population was foreign born; of this, 46.24% came from Latin America, 32.73% from Asia, 17.80% from Europe and 3.23% from other parts of the world”.


We’d better shoot the answer over to Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) pronto. We understand that Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) is to spend Christmas with his adoptive mistress and doppelganger, Melanie Philips and we want to catch Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) before he fare dodges his way over to the Philips household. We only hope that Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) doesn’t ask how Jewish is Medway. Given that we don’t have the resources to answer such a potential query from the source of our adoration, as a pre-emptive answer we refer the font of our existence to his good, understanding and caring friend, Medway Mental Health Services.

Saturday 29 November 2008

The Barnes (LLB Hons) Klan

Now genealogy isn’t really our strong point here at Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciationville. But, it is with great excitement that we finally learn of the mystical origins of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). The font of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) world-wide appreciation, the deadly serious Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) blog, has finally published the long awaited report by Medway Mental Health Services into the ancestry of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). As Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) informs us in his much underreported blog article, The Vikings and the Barnes Family Temper (27 November 2008):

“For those of you that thought I lost my temper in the debate last night - you are totally wrong.

Those who have seen or heard me lose my temper know that my mood was simply mild annoyance.

I suffer from a disability - I am from the Barnes [k]lan”

Listen Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) it’s nothing to be ashamed about. You don’t have to justify yourself to us. We, your devoted fans, accept you as you are – legally sane. That’s right, don’t take lithium from anybody! Anyway, the Barnes (LLB Hons) Klan - who can forget that hapless band of rouges and scallywags who most probably died out in the Palaeolithic era before human evolution began – thank Odin's bum that multiculturalism and Zionism weren’t around in their time!

Friday 21 November 2008

Mr Morgan Havord - the personal saviour of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? It seems that the BNP really do care for mentally deprived

It comes of interest to read on the list of BNP members, leaked by a disgruntled BNP official, that the BNP are doing everything in their powers to get professional help for their legally sane legal director, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). It seems that the BNP have gone to the extent of recruiting a mental health worker to personally treat Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). We read on the list, under the name of BNP member Mr Morgan Havord, the following:

"Mental health worker - poss help with lee barnes?"

It seems that the BNP have circumvented Medway Mental Health Services in their endeavours to save Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) from Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). Is Mr Morgan Havord the BNP appointed saviour of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? Or, is he just another sinister handler of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? Only time will tell.

Friday 13 June 2008

It’s all Sodom and Gomorrah! Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) on why the BNP’s ‘Red, White and Blue’ festival is like a Roman orgy

With mixed emotions over Amber Valley Borough Council's refusal to allow the BNP to hold its annual shindig in Denby, Derbyshire, we can’t help but feel that we all might be missing out on something special. Based upon Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)’s latest article, The Fall of the American Empire (12 June 2008), the BNP’s annual ‘Red, White and Blue’ (RWB) festival seems to be a fun fusion of Woodstock, the Nuremberg rally, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

Under the paragraph ‘Decline in Morals and Values’, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) provides a description of what can only be the BNP’s RWB festival via analogical reference to the moral degeneration that typified the end days of Rome:

“Those morals and values that kept together the Roman legions and thus the empire could not be maintained towards the end of the empire. Crimes of violence made the streets of the larger cities unsafe. Even during PaxRomana there were 32,000 prostitutes in Rome. Emperors like Nero and Caligula became infamous for wasting money on lavish parties where guests ate and drank until they became ill. The most popular amusement was watching the gladiatorial combats in the Colosseum. These were attended by the poor, the rich, and frequently the emperor himself. As gladiators fought, vicious cries and curses were heard from the audience. One contest after another was staged in the course of a single day. Should the ground become too soaked with blood, it was covered over with a fresh layer of sand and the performance went on”

This is a remarkable description of the BNP’s RWB festival as seen through the eyes of Odinist insider Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). We can only hope that Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) braves his Zionist-Marxist critics within the BNP who wish to silence his pen of impending doom and catastrophe to bring us more depictions and exposés of BNP meetings.

Monday 9 June 2008

‘The Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) Care Unit’

Support our campaign to re-name the ‘Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit’ at Little Brook Hospital, Dartford in honour of its most famous son, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), Director of the BNP Legal Department.

Our campaign has been inspired by Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)’s latest blog entry on 20th May 2008, entitled The (inter)National Health Service. In this stupendous article, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), and we’re grateful to him for this, draws our attention to his very own predicament - that the presence of immigrants in the UK:

“threatens the public health and is also diverting resources away from UK citizens who are entitled to use the NHS through their National Insurance contributions”

Barring Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)’s own lack of National Insurance contributions to the upkeep of the NHS combined with his disproportionate and frequent use of Medway’s excellent and free medical services, the impact of psychosis inducing immigrants reveals the saliency of our campaign.

The Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at the Willow Suite of Medway’s Little Brook Hospital does a sterling job. It is here that patients who are in an acutely disturbed phase of a serious mental health disorder are detained for their own safety as well as that of the wider public.

So, watch this space for more details on our campaign to urge Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust to re-name Little Brook Hospital’s Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in honour of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons).

Sunday 1 June 2008

Important information for Lee Barnes (LLB Hons): Medway Mental Health Services

Medway Council's social workers work within integrated mental health teams, with consultant psychiatrists, community mental health nurses and other health professionals. They are part of the Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (

In Medway these integrated mental health teams are primarily based in three sites in Gillingham, Chatham and Rochester. The teams are locality focused and provide a single point of entry for assessment, treatment and continuing care, both on an in-patient and outpatient basis. Support is also given to carers.

There are also other day services provided by the trust:

  • Day resources
    Three drop-in centres aim to offer an informal and relaxed atmosphere for people with a mental health problem. Activities such as computing, gardening and craftwork are available, as well as hot meals and drinks.
  • Therapeutic workshops
    The Chaucer Centre in Gillingham offers a range of therapeutic workshops, including woodwork, computing, silkscreen printing and horticultural activities. Other groups meet for gardening and leisure activities.
  • Community support scheme
    This scheme supports people with a long-term mental health problem to live with maximum possible independence within their own homes. The aim is to prevent people from needing residential care or admission to an acute hospital bed.
  • Respite care service
    This service offers people respite care within their own home while regular carers have a holiday, go into hospital or take some kind of break from caring. This allows a minimum of disruption for the people they care for.

Thursday 15 May 2008

Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) and that ZOG alien anal probe

Given that the source of our inspiration Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) often tells us that he’s in contact with aliens, we are interested to read that just yesterday the Ministry of Defence (MoD) released 160 files detailing UFO sightings and contact with aliens from 1978 to 1987.

In light of this we are considering submitting to the UFO desk at the MoD, in the spirit of national security, a Freedom of Information (FoI) request to see we can confirm or refute widespread rumours within the BNP that aliens from the Planet ZOG subjected Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) to a rigorous (and, we hear quite pleasurable) anal probe.

In particular, we want the following questions answered (yes, we demand answers): Were the alien anal probes similar in nature to the ones that Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) allegedly receives in Brighton? Did Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) put up a fight or was it more consensual BDSM? Have the aliens from the Planet ZOG published the results of their experiments on Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? Or, were the results so existentially terrifying that the aliens committed suicide?

For those who think that our FoI request borders on the potentially frivolous we say this to you: the aliens may be using Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), and by extension the epi-centre of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciation, the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) personal blog, as a conduit by which to communicate to humanity. The fact that the BNP recently won one seat in the London Assembly is evidence that aliens are trying to warn us that something terrible is going to happen to mankind quite soon (Richard Barnbrook to release the unedited DVD version of the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) alien anal probe?). We live in interesting times people.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Attempt on the life of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) at Foo Fighters concert! Red-Marxist-Fascist-Immigrant-Muslim-Zionist scum at work.

We are distressed to learn from the font of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciation, the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) personal blog, that there was an attempt to murder Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) at a Foo Fighters concert at the Reading festival in 1995.

Apparently, a mass horde of unwashed Red-Marxist-Fascist-Immigrant-Muslim-Zionist scum rushed Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) in attempt to smoother our very own Zarathustra (LLB Hons) to death. As the BNP and Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) have repeatedly told us - this is the threat that political correctness poses.

We all know that this wouldn't happen to Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) at the Blood & Honour concerts he attends. No Siree!

Thursday 8 May 2008

Yessss! Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) gratifies us!! He acknowledges us!!!!

I glad to tell you all that not only was Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) the first appreciator of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) to post a comment on our blog to tell us of his appreciation of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), but that he has also acknowledged our appreciation of him at the epi-centre of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciation – the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) personal blog! Our existential existence depends upon Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) being forthright in his acknowledgement of us and he has been very, very generous in his outpouring of acknowledgment.

Here’s Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) acknowledging us:

The good news is that one my fans on Lancaster Unity has set up a new blog about me.

Thats right, not content with Lancaster Unity having a 'Barnes Fixation' it now appears that the lancaster unity 'special people' are now even going to set up a blog to honour/hate me.


In the era of the Internet you are nobody until somebody sets up a hate site to attack you.

Only once you have your own hate site can you be called a celebrity.

In the 80's it was having a stalker that made you a celebrity, but thats just sooooo passe now. I had my own stalker in the 80's (an ex-girlfriend) and though it was fun whilst it lasted in the end it just gets tedious having them sitting on the wall outside your house and staring through the front room window whilst you are watching The Proffesionals.

A cyber hate site though, thats something new and exciting.

Unfortunately I will not be posting on the site unlike the people that will be posting on it I have both a life and a sex life.

Thankoooooo Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Your favourite Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) moment

Hey, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) has kindly decided to share with us one of his favourite moments from the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) repertoire. Enjoy!

Lee Archivist

There is so much to choose from but for the moment my current favourite Barnes quote is:

'You sad little transexual freak boy - how about leaving your address here and your real name.

You are nothing but dog vomit that hides behind a fake name like some sad little degenerate pervert.'

07 May 2008 23:22