Thursday 15 May 2008

Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) and that ZOG alien anal probe

Given that the source of our inspiration Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) often tells us that he’s in contact with aliens, we are interested to read that just yesterday the Ministry of Defence (MoD) released 160 files detailing UFO sightings and contact with aliens from 1978 to 1987.

In light of this we are considering submitting to the UFO desk at the MoD, in the spirit of national security, a Freedom of Information (FoI) request to see we can confirm or refute widespread rumours within the BNP that aliens from the Planet ZOG subjected Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) to a rigorous (and, we hear quite pleasurable) anal probe.

In particular, we want the following questions answered (yes, we demand answers): Were the alien anal probes similar in nature to the ones that Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) allegedly receives in Brighton? Did Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) put up a fight or was it more consensual BDSM? Have the aliens from the Planet ZOG published the results of their experiments on Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? Or, were the results so existentially terrifying that the aliens committed suicide?

For those who think that our FoI request borders on the potentially frivolous we say this to you: the aliens may be using Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), and by extension the epi-centre of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciation, the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) personal blog, as a conduit by which to communicate to humanity. The fact that the BNP recently won one seat in the London Assembly is evidence that aliens are trying to warn us that something terrible is going to happen to mankind quite soon (Richard Barnbrook to release the unedited DVD version of the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) alien anal probe?). We live in interesting times people.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Attempt on the life of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) at Foo Fighters concert! Red-Marxist-Fascist-Immigrant-Muslim-Zionist scum at work.

We are distressed to learn from the font of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciation, the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) personal blog, that there was an attempt to murder Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) at a Foo Fighters concert at the Reading festival in 1995.

Apparently, a mass horde of unwashed Red-Marxist-Fascist-Immigrant-Muslim-Zionist scum rushed Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) in attempt to smoother our very own Zarathustra (LLB Hons) to death. As the BNP and Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) have repeatedly told us - this is the threat that political correctness poses.

We all know that this wouldn't happen to Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) at the Blood & Honour concerts he attends. No Siree!

Thursday 8 May 2008

Yessss! Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) gratifies us!! He acknowledges us!!!!

I glad to tell you all that not only was Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) the first appreciator of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) to post a comment on our blog to tell us of his appreciation of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), but that he has also acknowledged our appreciation of him at the epi-centre of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appreciation – the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) personal blog! Our existential existence depends upon Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) being forthright in his acknowledgement of us and he has been very, very generous in his outpouring of acknowledgment.

Here’s Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) acknowledging us:

The good news is that one my fans on Lancaster Unity has set up a new blog about me.

Thats right, not content with Lancaster Unity having a 'Barnes Fixation' it now appears that the lancaster unity 'special people' are now even going to set up a blog to honour/hate me.


In the era of the Internet you are nobody until somebody sets up a hate site to attack you.

Only once you have your own hate site can you be called a celebrity.

In the 80's it was having a stalker that made you a celebrity, but thats just sooooo passe now. I had my own stalker in the 80's (an ex-girlfriend) and though it was fun whilst it lasted in the end it just gets tedious having them sitting on the wall outside your house and staring through the front room window whilst you are watching The Proffesionals.

A cyber hate site though, thats something new and exciting.

Unfortunately I will not be posting on the site unlike the people that will be posting on it I have both a life and a sex life.

Thankoooooo Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Your favourite Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) moment

Hey, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) has kindly decided to share with us one of his favourite moments from the Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) repertoire. Enjoy!

Lee Archivist

There is so much to choose from but for the moment my current favourite Barnes quote is:

'You sad little transexual freak boy - how about leaving your address here and your real name.

You are nothing but dog vomit that hides behind a fake name like some sad little degenerate pervert.'

07 May 2008 23:22