Monday 9 June 2008

‘The Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) Care Unit’

Support our campaign to re-name the ‘Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit’ at Little Brook Hospital, Dartford in honour of its most famous son, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), Director of the BNP Legal Department.

Our campaign has been inspired by Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)’s latest blog entry on 20th May 2008, entitled The (inter)National Health Service. In this stupendous article, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons), and we’re grateful to him for this, draws our attention to his very own predicament - that the presence of immigrants in the UK:

“threatens the public health and is also diverting resources away from UK citizens who are entitled to use the NHS through their National Insurance contributions”

Barring Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)’s own lack of National Insurance contributions to the upkeep of the NHS combined with his disproportionate and frequent use of Medway’s excellent and free medical services, the impact of psychosis inducing immigrants reveals the saliency of our campaign.

The Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at the Willow Suite of Medway’s Little Brook Hospital does a sterling job. It is here that patients who are in an acutely disturbed phase of a serious mental health disorder are detained for their own safety as well as that of the wider public.

So, watch this space for more details on our campaign to urge Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust to re-name Little Brook Hospital’s Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in honour of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons).


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that. Lee needs as much support as we the loving fans of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) can give.

I'm not a Roman Catholic myself but there is something to be said for the giving of a sainthood to our legal hero and the source of such great mirth and merriment. How does one go about contacting the Vatican to make this very earnest recommendation to his Holiness that Dartford in Kent has its very own saint in the making. Any other suggestions of other permanent memorials to the seer, prophet, oracle of wisdom that we know and love so much?

Anonymous said...

Is there any connection between Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) latest posting in which he instructs, as only Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) can do in his erudite style, that Islam is not a threat (after all- phew, that's a relief!) to the West and that the silly minded people in and by inference the Leader of the BNP (of which he claims to be a member) have got it all wrong and the removal of the link from the official BNP write to the blog of the great learned one himself?

That's just pathetic spiteful behaviour from those nasty people at the BNP just when the legal genius was making an impression.

We still love you Lee Barnes(LLB Hons)even if the thickos, plebs and peasants in the BNP have given you the elbow and the big finger.