Friday 21 November 2008

Mr Morgan Havord - the personal saviour of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? It seems that the BNP really do care for mentally deprived

It comes of interest to read on the list of BNP members, leaked by a disgruntled BNP official, that the BNP are doing everything in their powers to get professional help for their legally sane legal director, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). It seems that the BNP have gone to the extent of recruiting a mental health worker to personally treat Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). We read on the list, under the name of BNP member Mr Morgan Havord, the following:

"Mental health worker - poss help with lee barnes?"

It seems that the BNP have circumvented Medway Mental Health Services in their endeavours to save Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) from Lee Barnes (LLB Hons). Is Mr Morgan Havord the BNP appointed saviour of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? Or, is he just another sinister handler of Lee Barnes (LLB Hons)? Only time will tell.

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