Tuesday 27 July 2010

Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) appointed as BNP 'Sacred Cunt'

Once again BNP legal treacle Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) has enlightened our darkened lives with his divinely-inspired illuminations. The absorbent spectacle that is Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) has furnished, nay privileged us with the outpourings of his recent article The Origin of the word Cunt. It is indeed a must read for all aspiring racial nationalists in the ranks of the BNP.

With his mastery over all things cunt, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) tells us that:

"I have been doing som research on the origin of the word 'cunt' and have an interesting hypothesis. The modern word 'cunt' is regarded by most as detrived from the Proto-German word 'Kunto'. This is correct, but the origin of the word Kunto itself derives from the Indo-European word Kunti".

Helpfully, Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) also informs us that the word 'cunt' is profoundly "sacred" and "mysterious". Further, that "Kunti is a Hindu Goddess worshipped still today".

Cuntishly, Kunti was also punished for her lies (see article, How Kunti Suffered Because of Her Lie).

Perhaps what Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) is trying to tell us is that the BNP needs more cunts in its ranks. There plainly aren't enough and Lee Barnes (LLB Hons) resoundingly proves this. Crazy cunt.